Spectacle helps clients chart exciting new paths to growth.
We specialize in helping businesses better understand their consumers to
build compelling brands, disruptive strategies, and memorable experiences.
Every client challenge is unique,we'd love to hear about your situation and tailor an approach that works for you. 



We help our clients develop a deeper understanding of today's consumer and anticipate the needs of tomorrow's consumer.

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We help our client's distill the complexity of today's business to explore exciting possibilities and realize their growth potential. 



We help our clients build aspirational brand strategies
that inspire connection
and compel action. 


We help people and brands understand each other. 
Emotion puts business in motion and great brands are built with a sense of empathy. Today’s consumers are more dynamic than ever before and we help our clients get to know their customers on a deeper level. We bring a rich suite of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to uncover what inspires consumers and compels them to act.

Market Research | Customer Segmentation I Ethnographies I Concept Refinement & Validation | Customer Journey Mapping | Focus Group Moderation |

Brand Strategy

Products serve a need. Brands serve a purpose.
Strong brands start with a clear belief and purpose that connects them with their consumer. Getting to the heart of why your brand exists and what role you play in your customers lives is foundational to growing your business. We help our clients build aspirational brand strategies that inspire connection and compel action.

Brand Vision I Brand Positioning I Brand Portfolio I Brand Architecture

Brand Experience

Brands are built on interactions, not transactions. 
Your brand’s equity relies on seamless execution of your strategy across every element of the experience. We help our clients take a holistic look at their brand experience across physical, digital, and human touchpoints. We identify the interactions that matter most and deliver clear and actionable recommendations to optimize your brand experience.

 Journey Mapping I Experience Strategy & Design I Culture Development


We help brands achieve strategic clarity to unlock growth.

You can’t chart a path to greatness without a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go. With business moving faster than ever, we help our clients distill complex issues to find simple solutions to move their business forward. Whether it’s new customers, global markets, products, or services we can help you navigate your business to the next level.  

Growth Playbooks I Go-to-Market Strategy I Global Growth Mapping I M&A Support | 
Value Proposition Development| Portfolio Optimization