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As an established player in the market research industry, GutCheck was known as a pioneer of agile methodologies—at the time, a truly differentiated position in their category. Yet after a decade in business, what was once a core differentiator became commonplace.

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity Redesign, Packaging Design, Advertising

The GutCheck leadership team knew they had to pivot away from “quick insights” and towards their true differentiators. Our team was enlisted to evolve the GutCheck brand to improve their industry reputation and help set the course for a new north star: one that would create competitive insulation from both legacy research houses and agile research startups.
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The client believed the name had potential, but the brand needed to be reframed holistically in a way that told a more compelling story and removed any existing negative connotations around “a quick gut check.” In addition to a brand repositioning, GutCheck also faced tensions within their design system. Their previous logo fell into the archetypal look of enterprise B2B SaaS suppliers—making their brand interchangeable with many other companies rather than creating an iconic and memorable identity.
GutCheck works with bold industry leaders like Google to deliver deep insights that shape future innovation. We developed the brand essence—“It Takes Guts”—to lean into that idea and reframe the story around the GutCheck name.
What had previously been a detriment to the company's reputation and future growth now tells the story of GutCheck’s differentiated value proposition (which also became their external tagline): Unlocking Bold New Possibilities Through the Power of Empathy. Once the big idea for the refreshed brand was solidified, we activated the positioning across all visual and verbal brand assets. The Visual ID features bold typography, a unique logomark, and strong color palette to reinforce the brand's bold personality.
The GutCheck rebrand launched after just 6 weeks of work at a leading industry event, generating external praise and resoundingly positive internal feedback. An executive shared that, “Spectacle really understood our vision and what we do, and they worked with us to meet our important milestones and deadlines.”
what our client says
"Spectacle really understood our vision and what we do. If you’re looking for a new branding partner, they’re great. Schedule meetings, pick their brains, ask for advice, and talk through things with them. I’ve learned so much from them that I couldn’t have gotten from a PowerPoint presentation." - Director Digital Marketing