Spectacle Sprints®

Change Agents come in all sizes. We created our sprint offerings to serve early-stage or boot-strapped companies who know the stakes are too high to leave it to the amateurs, but don’t have the budget for the whole enchilada of branding services. As an agency that punches above our weight, our sprints are designed to help startups do just that.

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Current Spectacle Sprint® Offerings:

A meeting with Michael Filippi

Strategy Fundamentals

Ever feel like your target customer or investor doesn’t ‘get’ it? Having a hard time summing up what makes you special? Not getting the attention you deserve from investors? We can help.

Together, we will build a strategically sound and creatively inspired brand to win the hearts and minds of your target audience and build credibility with investors.

Your WHY is the core of your brand

How It Works:

We’ll lead you through a quick-hitting and collaborative sprint to get to the core of what makes you awesome, accelerating the path to a clearly-defined strategy for your brand.

What You’ll Get:

  • The essentials of a clear and compelling brand story
  • Expertise and guidance of an award-winning agency
  • The same strategic frameworks we use with Enterprise clients
  • Strategic guidance and creative inspiration


Brand Purpose
Your WHY as a business — the reason you exist, grounded in a fundamental human belief
Positioning on a Page
Clear and concise articulation of WHO you are and the value you bring, HOW you’re different, and WHAT you offer
Starter Taglines
A shortlist of creative 5-10 taglines that encapsulate the strategy and brand essence
Brand Vibe
A high-level overview of the core human characteristics of the brand, including personality traits and analogous brands


  • Half-day workshop with Spectacle’s proprietary creative stimulus + facilitated exercises
  • E-worksheets for distribution amongst stakeholders
  • Recommended, summarized output for internal activation


8 business days

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