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Just because you have a great tool, it doesn’t mean adoption is automatic.

Consumer Insights, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Messaging Strategy

If you’ve worked in a modern office, odds are you’ve used Slack. As one of the most popular workplace communication platforms, Slack had an opportunity to make work even better with a new tool called Workflow Builder. With no coding experience necessary, users could automate parts of their work so they could spend less time going back-and-forth on the small stuff and focus on the bigger tasks at hand.
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Yet, we realized that despite the ease-of-use and efficiency it offered, framing the possibilities of Workflow Builder proved difficult.
Through conversations with users and internal team members, we discovered we needed a smart way to communicate the power of the tool, define who exactly we wanted to use it and then empower them to get the most out of it.
We developed a synthesized strategic positioning and narrative-based profiles of target users to bring to life how they would interact with Workflow Builder. We dialed in how we talked about it, and made it easy for people to envision themselves using the tool.
When we launched, our vision paid off. Within two weeks we had 70% of our target users adopting the product, with over 25 million workflows launched in Slack. Sometimes, it’s not about just having a brilliant product, but how you brand it and get it into the hands of the people.
what our client says
"One of the more compelling KPIs that came out of the project was the amount of press we got and the initial uptake. The work they did on positioning obviously made its way into external comms. The blog post was the second-most visited blog post for a feature launch that Slack has ever had." - Director, Market Research & Strategy