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CoPilot was at a critical inflection point for its business, having grown its user base 10x in two quarters. The next step was to capitalize on its growth potential by developing a more relevant strategic brand positioning and identity that could reach a wider set of customer segments.

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While the founders built the original brand and experience with a “young male weightlifting enthusiast” target, user data revealed that approximately half of its user base was female.

In addition, gender-specific fitness targeting was becoming a thing of the past. The new CoPilot brand needed to dial into user attitudes and aspirations, rather than gender, to capture a larger share of the market. CoPilot also faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded fitness market, especially after the influx of online fitness options during the pandemic. Their new brand identity needed to work harder and present a unique perspective across all brand touchpoints.

Through research, we identified a white space in the market — the opportunity to tap into a consumer segment historically ignored in the fitness industry: those who knew exercise was important but weren’t sure how to get started.

In order for them to develop a sustainable fitness habit, they needed a real partner. For CoPilot users, fitness was much more than just workouts, reps and calories burned — it was an opportunity to take small steps toward a fuller life.

Driven by this core insight, we created a brand for the people who believe that fitness is a means to achieve what they want out of life, and see it as an ongoing journey that’s much more manageable, enjoyable, and sustainable with an experienced guide along for the ride.

We activated this idea across all brand assets, including visual identity, in-app experience, brand tone of voice, and website redesign. The new CoPilot logo illustrates the brand story of 1:1 training and positive change; a pastel color palette that evokes a sense of approachability; and photography of real, relatable people to reinforce our consumer targeting strategy.

CoPilot debuted its new brand name, identity, and messaging strategy in August 2021 along with a tech update that made the platform even more accessible to the masses.

The rebrand has fueled 18x user growth in their desired cohort, delivering on investor expectations and business goals. Since the rebrand, CoPilot raised a $6M Series A Funding and largely credits the rebrand to their success. CoPilot also underwent a massive product refresh shortly after the rebrand. In early 2022, the company announced the next chapter of CoPilot, with a product update that delivers on their brand purpose across all touchpoints, from in-app experience to employee training and engagement.

what our client says
"The rebrand is already positively impacting our business. We’ve taken this new identity to many existing and potential investors, and the general reception of this brand is stronger and much more powerful than the one we had before." - Co-founder + CEO