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VMG Partners

Highlighting the unique ways the investment firm champions the visionary brands and technology companies transforming the consumer landscape.


As the go-to investment fund for breakthrough CPG brands since 2005, VMG Partners had cemented its reputation for successful exits with prolific brands like Nature's Bakery, KIND, Drunk Elephant, Sun Bum, and more. And yet, as VMG raised a $250 million dollar tech-focused fund under VMG Technology and continued to make significant progress in its DEI and ESG efforts, it was clear the firm needed to tell a better story (both verbally and visually) around their “why.”

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In 2022, VMG Partners' leaders recognized an inflection point in the company's growth. The branding system needed to work harder to build relevance and differentiate from competitors with new audiences, tapping into the reasons VMG was founded in the first place. Spectacle was tapped to lead the effort to overhaul the brand, creating a future-forward overarching brand story and a new visual identity to match.

To inspire the rebrand, Spectacle went back to the origin story of the firm's name, Velocity Made Good (VMG for short).

The phrase, coined in the world of sailing, means that a straight line will rarely be the optimal path. Reaching your destination fastest requires making the best use of your resources and adjusting the sails when necessary. This is the journey every successful entrepreneur takes, and it’s what the portfolio companies experienced with VMG: a partner that helps them adjust the sails and pinpoint a path to success when they feel like a storm is raging around them.  


Through the identification of four key brand pillars that spoke to VMG's unique approach to investing and mentoring brands, Spectacle created a new logo and visual identity that signified growth, upward trajectory, and the "delta" of change that every entrepreneur must embrace as their raise capital to evolve their business. The system features black and white as the primary color palette to remain timeless and versatile across the technology and consumer sectors, while the arrows graphic can be used in patterns and to create dynamic animations.


The refreshed VMG website and overhauled visual identity was launched in March of 2023, to coincide with the year's biggest trade show in the natural products industry, ExpoWest. Initial feedback from those across the brand's ecosystem has been very positive.

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