Spectacle’s 2021 Gift Guide
This year, we polled the team about the gifts that each of us are most excited to give this holiday season.

After yet another year of uncertainty, we wanted to make the 2021 holiday season extra special and rooted in purpose: reconnecting with things that bring joy and meaning into our lives. With this in mind, we asked each member of our team to submit a gift idea that reignites the holiday spirit in them and their loved ones. See below for the 2021 Spectacle Gift Giving Guide—we hope it brings some extra joy to your holiday season! And if you haven’t wrapped up your holiday shopping yet (guilty!), hopefully this guide will spark an idea or two.

Michael’s Pick: UGG Men's Scuff Slippers — $80

In today’s world, coziness is at a premium—yet it’s been a mantra in my family for years. I abide by the principle that one can never be too cozy. That’s why my go-to gift is a fresh pair of UGG Slippers. I literally never travel without them—and neither should you.

Lauren’s Pick: The New York Times Cooking Subscription — $40/year

What better gift than one of good people gathered around good food? After (another) year filled with change, nothing has brought me more joy than hosting new and old friends in my (first!) home. Anytime I need to feed myself or my loved ones, I turn to New York Times Cooking for inspiration and proven recipes. After a busy December, NYT Cooking yearly subscriptions are incredibly easy to give. Plus, I know I'll be on the receiving end of some great meals in the next year!

Lori’s Pick:  Cuyana Tech Case — $65

This year’s mantra at Spectacle has been a slight adaptation of one of our favorite retail brands, Cuyana, which positions itself as “fewer, better.” Their small leather goods are extremely well made and include the option for personalization. We gifted the tech case (perfect for traveling with cords, adapters, AirPods, etc.) to our team last Christmas and they were a huge hit—still holding up after daily use a year later.

Lindsey’s Pick: Papier Gratitude Journal — $33

The holiday season is (supposed to be, at least) all about spreading joy and expressing appreciation.  In my life, I’ve found great joy in a daily gratitude practice—an important routine to stay grounded in a world full of twists, turns and inevitable stresses.  I’m excited to share this gratitude journal for that reason—it’s chock-full of (decidedly not cheesy) daily prompts and ample space to reflect on the quotidian moments of gratitude, joy and appreciation—a perfect way to give others the gift of gratitude each day.

Laura’s Pick: Artifact Uprising Brass & Wood Display Box — from $57

When I think about 2022 and what I’d like to invite more of into my life—wonderful memories with friends and family—the Brass & Wood Display Box from Artifact Uprising jumped out as a great gift. It’s the perfect place to curate our favorite moments and it doesn’t add to the ever-creeping “screen time.” With the possibility of storing additional prints in the future (I’m hopeful 2022 will have more frame-able moments) I can imagine it becoming a gift I add on to year after year.

Maggie’s Pick: Wooly Wax Mile High Candle — $26

For my annual White Elephant gift exchange, I wanted to find a unique and “steal-worthy” gift, instead of the typical throw-away-able gag gift from Amazon.

I decided to explore some small local shops in my area and was blown away by the options—from hand-sewn goods to hand-poured candles. For a small but thoughtful gift, you can’t go wrong with a hand-poured candle from a local shop near you! And for those looking to bring the famous Colorado mountain air right into their home, I recommend the candle I left with from Wooly Wax Company. (Plus, the gratitude and joy it brings a small shop owner when they ring up a purchase is a gift in itself!)

Tara’s Pick: Eberjey Pajama Set — $120

As I think about my favorite parts of the holidays, I always come back to the warmth and joy I feel being surrounded by friends and family. The holidays are the best time to cozy up and what better way to do that than with a new pair of PJs? Eberjey’s PJs are simple yet luxurious and will keep you feeling right at home and in the holiday spirit all season long.

❄️ Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from Team Spectacle! ❄️