Recession Proofing Your Brand eBook: 5 Actions You Can Take Instead of Freaking Out

The question on everyone’s mind right now is: are we heading into a recession? And, while that’s a complicated question to answer, it never hurts to be prepared. As Anthony Hopkins’ Odin puts it in Marvel’s Thor movies, “A wise king never seeks out war, but he must always be ready for it.”

With talk of a potential recession looming everywhere from the White House to your own house, let’s see if we can take the stress level down a few notches through some actionable advice. First of all, take a moment to step back and remember that businesses have made it through difficult times before (if you’re reading this, your company likely has!) and far more recently than any of us are comfortable with. But, just like the past few years of COVID have shown us, it’s not only possible to survive during economic unpredictability, but to come out stronger and more prepared to lead what’s next.

In response to the increasingly concerning times, our team put together a collection of critical exercises we use with clients to help guide clarity in times of uncertainty — from consumer empathy exercises to how to clarify your brand's purpose and "Why."

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