2021 Gen Zine Whitepaper
The free report provides a comprehensive, ethnographic look at Gen Z's cultural impact and implications for businesses across categories.

Austin, TX, November 18, 2021Spectacle, a branding agency specializing in purpose-led, profit-enabled companies from start-ups to Fortune 100s, announced today the release of the Gen Zine, an in-depth report on Gen Z’s cultural impact—and what it means for brands.

Fascinated by Generation Z—classified by Pew Research as those born between the years 1997 and 2012—the Spectacle team conducted over 40 hours of interviews over two calendar years with members of this influential cohort to dive deeper into their attitudes and behaviors and the lasting societal change they’re creating.

The research revealed fascinating insights from Gen Z themselves—from topics like fluid self-identity, to changing definitions of wellness, to the unpredictable future of education and the workplace—and illuminated critical implications for business leaders that want to capture this demographic.

“As Cultural Meteorologists, we took on a passion project to better understand the tastemakers of the future—Gen Z,” said Michael Filippi, Founder & CEO of Spectacle.
We’re thrilled to share the outputs of this two-year study, helping business leaders authentically connect with the generation that will shape the next decade of culture.” 

The 86-page report deep-dives into subjects such as:

  • How outspoken Gen Z is ushering in the death of taboo topics, like sexuality and mental health—with 64% of Gen Z agreeing that therapy will be commonplace by 2030
  • Why TikTok and Billie Eilish are the quintessential embodiments of the Gen Z ethos
  • The changing value exchange between work and money; education and worth; providing context to the recent VICE report on work and education that found 98% of Gen Z respondents feel shortchanged by their education

To download the free report, visit: spectaclestrategy.com/genzine

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