4 Examples of Great Branding in Natural Food and CPG

The natural foods and consumer goods category has had a breakthrough year for brand strategy and customer experience. It’s an exciting time to be a player in this category, as few other sectors are growing as quickly and vastly.

At Spectacle, we have deep expertise in the natural food and CPG category, with many past and current clients in the space. We believe the key to a strong brand is so much more than a clean logo and eye-catching packaging. The best brands lead with purpose and create a cohesive consumer experience across touchpoints and products.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite brands in the natural foods category to give you a taste of great natural food and CPG branding:

1. Fifth Season

Who they are: A purpose-led brand seeking to fundamentally change the fresh food industry through robotic virtual farming

How they’re winning:

  • Attractive packaging that not only catches the eye but highlights the product through the use of a transparent package
  • The use of local, personal touchpoints like personal delivery within Pittsburgh, an immersive mobile farm experience, and community-building programs in their home neighborhood of Braddock
  • Their upbeat company culture brings the brand to life. When working with Fifth Season, it’s obvious that the entire company is engaged and excited about showing the world their brand. Your employees should always be the living expression of your brand!

2. Olipop

Who they are: A natural and healthy alternative to soda

How they’re winning:

  • Their packaging evokes a sense of nostalgia and cheerfulness for consumers, but the execution is modern and clean
  • Their channel strategy balances grocery and traditional retail with unique foodservice doors, like better burger joints and all day cafes, that share the same values of “healthy meets delicious”
  • A bright and vibrant social presence that jumps off a feed, driving more views and engagement
3. Supergoop!

Who they are: A clean mineral sunscreen with the purpose of encouraging everyone to wear sunscreen every day

How they’re winning:

  • Their friendly packaging and unique forms (like “glow stick”) make sunscreen feel more like a fun cosmetic than a goopy mess
  • Their clear targeting of a young female consumer with interests in skincare, fashion, and cosmetics ensure all communications are cohesive and clearly defined

4. Youth to the People

Who they are: Distinctly Gen Z brand with activism at its very core and a sense that “it doesn’t have to be this way” for the next generation of consumers

How they’re winning:

  • They bring familiar healthy ingredients like kale, yerba mate, and acai into the typically clinical beauty space - driving a sense of comfort and trust
  • They proudly support and educate around causes that their consumers care about. Blog posts educate on LGBTQ+ rights, sustainability, and social justice. Campaigns feature gender fluid models in a wide swath of races and ethnicities. Their reusable jar program reduces packaging waste and educates on circular-loop consumption.

A great brand comes down to customer experience. Tie together your brand with packaging, interactions, and marketing that speak to a specific target audience and engages them in a positive experience.

To learn more about natural branding, reach out to the experts at Spectacle Strategy at info@spectaclestrategy.com