4 Ways to Write Better Brand Messages
Excerpt from Spectacle's "Recession-Proofing Your Brand" eBook
Speak Human To Me

Amidst all the changes driven by COVID over the past few years, we’ve seen consumers take a step back, reassess their values, and then realign their spending habits to those values.

Interestingly, that’s something that typically happens during a recession, too.

For that reason, it’s important that you take a deep look at not only your beliefs about who you are, but how you’re telling that story to your customers. And, more importantly: why they should care.

Is your brand speaking to your customers as individuals and humans, with lives and values? Or are you sticking to the same, tired product-driven script?

Here are a few tips for assessing your messaging and making sure it’s both differentiated and empathetic:

1. Make sure the messages you are using to speak to your customers are still relevant given all that has changed in the world.

Are you still using the same messages you were using before the pandemic? Before talking of recession began? If so, it’s time to change things up.

2. Lead with value and purpose-driven messages.

Product-driven messaging can win in the short term, but purpose-driven messaging is what drives customer loyalty and causes them to think twice as they’re differentiating between need and want.

3. Cut out messages that no longer serve you.

It sounds woo-woo, but a recession is a good time to lose the baggage. Consumers are distracted. You only have time for your most important messages. Cut what no longer hits and go with what feels purposeful, values-driven, and relevant.

4. Identify the “one thing.”

We can all be precious with our words. A good way to cut through messaging clutter is to ask yourself, “If my audience walked away knowing only one thing about my brand, what would I want that to be?” Sometimes saying less is saying more. Your audience’s time is valuable. When you get it, use it wisely.

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