Spectacle Strategy Recognized Among Top Brand and Marketing Strategy Firms in Colorado

In today's business climate, it's the nimble, fearless thinkers who are making waves and effecting change, not the incumbent behemoths. Unprecedented growth and disruptive businesses and bold ideas are coming from the challengers — those that break through the mold of conventional thinking.

Here at Spectacle, we've been fortunate enough to spend our time leveraging the power of consumer insights to build new brands for many agile companies like this. To name just a few, we've helped launch the Impossible Burger, a new financial services platform in the cryptocurrency space, and a recently IPO'd tech company. Additionally, we're launching one of the hottest new brands in vertical farming this year (stay tuned)! As such, we are thrilled to receive recognition from Clutch as one of the top Branding and Marketing Strategy firms in Colorado.

"After more than a decade of solving massive strategic challenges for global Fortune 100 companies, we're excited to bring the same level of rigor and creativity to growth-stage businesses, where impact in the marketplace is exponential. We're thrilled to be recognized by Clutch for the value and relationships build with our clients."

- Michael Filippi, CEO

Exploring new and unique categories is one of the best parts of our job. But what's most rewarding is creating success for our clients on a personal and professional level.

Clutch performs in-depth client interviews to create the most unbiased review possible. These consultations with clients detail the quality of their interaction with each Clutch-registered company and are vital to the entirety of the review and rating process. Our profile currently has a perfect 5.0-star rating, and we are incredibly proud to share some of our client's thoughts below:

"The outcomes were fantastic, and I get a compliment on work that was performed by Spectacle at least once a week. I am very pleased with both our company name, logo, and overall brand. It will serve us well for years to come. In addition to giving us tangible assets, they also provided a depth of meaning and connection to our brand that allows us to maintain authenticity."

- CEO, TWO12, (Financial Services + Technology)

Spectacle Strategy delivered a high-quality report on time and at excellent value. The professionalism, broad scope, and attention to detail far exceeded my expectations.

- CEO, Flyline Ventures (Venture Capital + Startup)

"They led the project with an expert and personable team that helped us get the most out of the engagement. Our brand is now able to more effectively communicate with our audience because of Spectacle Strategy. After doing a survey, we saw that our new plant-power nutrition approach was twice as favorable among our consumers than our previous positioning."

- Former CEO, Go Raw (CPG, Natural Foods)

"Their depth of knowledge around business building and strategy means that they can grow with your company. After investing the up-front time to deliver these assets, Spectacle will deeply understand your business and market and be able to help in a multitude of other ways as you progress on your journey."

- CEO, TWO12, (Financial Services + Technology)

We want to thank Clutch and our clients for giving us this feedback; we deeply value the efforts of both parties. We look forward to continuing to provide our unique solutions to every client who seeks our services, and can't wait to see more reviews on our Clutch profile soon! Visit our profile on Clutch here!