Spectacle's Purposeful Gift Guide 2022

Ahh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cue the holiday music, cozy sweaters, and a flurry of shoppers hustling to get their hands on goodies for those on their holiday lists.

A great boon for capitalism, the holiday season can also be a time where we can vote with our dollars, seeking out brands and products that offer a little more purpose and a little more intentionality — and yes, these things can still make really great gifts.

See our team’s picks below for their purpose-filled gifts:

Courtney: Osea Malibu Vagus Nerve Travel Set, $54

During the holiday season, I love giving gifts that ignite wellness and relaxation. Osea has a Vagus Nerve Travel Set that is perfect for those looking for something that is soothing and balancing. Life gets busy and we all can take a moment to relax and unwind to remember the joys of the season. Osea is also female founded, climate neutral, vegan and cruelty-free.

Lori: The Little Market Open Weave Floor Basket, $128

My purpose-driven gift idea is from The Little Market — a non-profit company that features handmade gifts from around the world, each supporting women artisans in poverty-stricken areas.

This storage basket is a beautiful addition to your home décor that also empowers women in Bangladesh to earn an income to support their families and send their children to school. It's perfect for disguising the base of an artificial plant, hold cozy blankets by the fire, or as a more aesthetically-pleasing place to store your dog toys.

Hugh: Canadiano Pour-Over Coffee Maker, starting at $52

I'll go with a zero waste coffee pour-over for all the caffeine appreciative hybrid or WFH-ers! It's a slick gift for any coffee drinker and helps them ditch more wasteful alternatives (disposable/plastic cups, filters, etc.), while still being easy to use and clean.

Canadiano also offers pairing recommendations based on your preference of wood and roast which is a fun personal touch. 

Michael: CRASQI Linen Shirt, $195 and Swim Trunks, $180

Their linen shirts and swim trunks are perfect for your next vacation.  Started by two sisters in Tulum (we discovered it there), the brand is focused on sustainability and minimizing environmental footprint. They have upcycled more than 70,000 plastic bottles to make their swim trunks just since 2021 — which would've otherwise ended up in the sea.

Laura: Two Hives Honey + Beeswax Candles (prices vary)

Going super local with this year’s gift: Two Hives sells beeswax candles and honey harvested in Austin. Consuming honey harvested from your neighborhood is said to help alleviate allergies (which Austinites have in spades), so they offer one for North Austin and one for South Austin. I also love their philosophy: “In our world, bees always come first, honey second.” 🐝💛

I also want to highlight Amour Vert. They make a great rib tee (always on the lookout for a good tee). Aside from utilizing sustainable practices, they also plant a tree for every tee purchased! 🌳♻️

Emily: Cuyana Zero Waste Dog Leash Set, $128

For the dogs (and dog lovers) in your life, my purposeful gifts come from Cuyana's new zero waste collection, which includes a beautiful dog leash and pouch set. Cuyana's mission is "fewer, better things" so they are not only focused on creating high quality, lasting items, but are also super mindful of sustainability. They've used repurposed leftover leather from past productions to create these new and beautiful items.

Hojip: TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet, starting at $99

This is an easy, simple-to-attach-and-use bidet made by TUSHY just might save your butt (literally). They’re on a mission to not only save more toilet paper, but most importantly water. Check them out here. They’re also on a mission to help the less fortunate part of the world like India have cleaner water. The product is so easy to install and it’s non-electric! Let’s spark the bidet awareness for Americans, they could really use it!

A book titled "The Parklands" featuring a beautiful picture of water and mountains

Lindsey: Parks Project The Parklands: Trails and Secrets from the National Parks of the United States Book, $55

I am a big outdoors gal and a big coffee table book gal, so this is a win-win! This is a beautiful book with amazing photography of the National Parks across the country. And Parks Project donates a percentage of every sale to preservation efforts to keep these spaces beautifully maintained for future generations to enjoy.