Spectacle Wins Gold at The 2021 Transform Awards
We are thrilled to share that in partnership with Fifth Season, Spectacle has been awarded GOLD in two categories by the Transform Awards North America.

We are excited to announce that Spectacle has won two gold awards from the Transform Awards North America 2021 in the categories “Best Creative Strategy” and “Best Visual Identity in the Farming and Agriculture Sector.”

Transform Awards, a global celebration of brand development, reputation management, and rebranding, has recognized us for our work with long-time client Fifth Season for carving out a new space of joy and delight into the otherwise tired leafy greens and produce category.  

A little bit about the work: 

We were enlisted to help Fifth Season evolve their brand at a critical inflection point, evolving the strategy from commodity producer to beloved ready-to-eat brand. The startup “turned on” the world’s first fully automated 25,000-square-foot vertical farm in a former steel mill in Pittsburgh, PA in February of 2020. We all know what happened next: Covid-19 wreaked havoc in March.

The new brand had virtually no awareness or affinity and had to find a way to build a loyal fanbase of local consumers to prove the company’s viability. Distribution challenges and uncertainty led the brand to a different product and go-to-market strategy; leading Spectacle to help develop a Salad Kit Strategy for Fifth Season. Spectacle worked in lockstep with the Fifth Season product and marketing teams to create a meal solution for the new normal brought on by COVID. Spectacle then adapted the brand guidelines and visual ID to support and reinforce the brand’s positioning and touchpoints.

“Our efforts brought a new point of view to a traditionally uninspired category, shifted the company’s entire product strategy, opened up new avenues of distribution, codified the visual and verbal ID, and continues to come to life through campaign creative,” said Lauren Cudney, Strategy Director at Spectacle and Account Lead for the Fifth Season account.

Spectacle is honored to be recognized by the Transform Awards North America for this work with Fifth Season, and we continue to work alongside their team on their brand and creative strategy. 

For more, check out the full press release here.