Spectacle Releases Free Future of Food eBook on Sustainable Seafood

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The free report, the first in Spectacle's Future of Food series, provides a look into global seafood consumption and reveals ways purpose-led companies are innovating with sustainability in mind.

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectacle, an award-winning branding agency specializing in purpose-led, profit-enabled companies from start-ups to Fortune 100s, today announced the release of their free e-book titled "Alternative Seafood: The Next Blue Ocean." It's the debut piece in their forthcoming Future of Food series.

Download your copy of the free report here.

A few examples of what you'll find inside:

  • A look at the alternative seafood industry's emerging technologies — from cellular-based cultures, to plant-based, to kelp harvesting and cold chain innovation
  • Exclusive insights from innovative founders at companies Bluu Seafood, The Plant Based Seafood Co. and Daybreak Seaweed
  • Strategy tips for manufacturers and marketers to succeed in branding and messaging leading-edge products
  • Three steps you can take as a consumer to enjoy seafood more sustainably

Over 3 billion people consume fish and seafood as a source of protein, making it the largest global food commodity. But the industry is increasingly fraught with concerns, including illegal fishing/overfishing, warming ocean temperatures, acidification, animal welfare, and food safety.

Luckily, entrepreneurs are beginning to disrupt the category with sustainable and plant-based options. And consumer demand for alternative seafood is growing:

"Addressing this industry is a daunting challenge, but we know it's possible. We were on the forefront of the plant-based meat movement in 2017 when we worked with Impossible Foods to launch their plant-based 'beef' burger to the masses," said Michael Filippi, Spectacle Founder and CEO.

He continued, "The next wave of innovation is the seafood industry. And we at Spectacle are placing our bets on the brave few who are tackling this global problem."

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